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Updated   9 June, 2024

 Josef Anton Riedl - Creel Pone CD    Pythagoron Inc - Creel Pone CD   Jacques Lejeune - Blanche Neige Creel Pone CD 
CD Big Cynthia
Ain't Nothing Like A Big Woman
US 2002 Brittney SQCD-9114-2
CD O.B. Buchana It's Over! US 1999 Blues River SQCD-9102-2 Ex+/Ex- £15
CD Herbert Eimert
Epitaph Fur Aikichi Kuboyama
UK 2005 Creel Pone #4
2CD Jean Claude Eloy
UK 2007 Creel Pone #70/1
CD Grupo Experimental Electroacustico      Musikautomatika UK 2006 Creel Pone #65
CD Jurgen Karg
Elektronische Mythen
UK 2006 Creel Pone #54
CD Max E Keller/Martin Schwarzenlander   Sozialistische Musiker Initiative UK 2006 Creel Pone #59
CD Little Bob And The Lollipops I Got Loaded US 2004 La Louisianne LLCD-1024 Ex-/Ex- £15
CDS The Pogues
Misty Morning Albert Bridge    3" CD Single
Fr 1989 WEA YZ407CD
CD Diana Ross & The Supremes The Rodgers & Hart Collection Ger 1987 Tamla Motown WD72594
CD Tommy Tate All Or Nothing     Obi Missing Jap 1992 P-Vine PCD-2403 Ex+/Ex- £15
CD V / A Heavy Christmas
Ger 1997 Second Battle SB 043
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CD Daevid Allen Now Is The Happiest Time Of Your Life Jap Si-Wan SRMC 4006   pic M / Ex SOLD
CD Andre Almuro
Musiques Experimentales
UK 2007 Creel Pone #67
CD Archie Bell & The Drells Dance Your Troubles Away  w/ obi Jap Sony SRCS 6498   pic Ex/Ex+ SOLD
CD Bob Berg Riddles US 1994 Stretch SCD-9008   pic M / Ex SOLD
CD Barney Bigard Clarinet Lament Ger 1996 Topaz Jazz TPZ 1055   pic M / M- SOLD
CD Boots & His Buddies 1937 - 1938 Fr 1993 Classics 738   pic M / Ex SOLD
CD David Bowie Station To Station    RCA 1st Issue - Blue spine Ger RCA 1984 PD81327   pic Ex+Vg+ SOLD
CD David Bowie Low    RCA 1st Issue - Blue spine Ger RCA 1984 PD83856   pic Ex+Vg+ SOLD
CD David Bowie Heroes    RCA 1st Issue - Blue spine Ger RCA 1984 PD83857   pic Ex+Vg+ SOLD
CD David Bowie Lodger    RCA 1st Issue - Blue spine Ger RCA 1984 PD84234   pic M-/M- SOLD
CD David Bowie Young Americans   Withdrawn RCA Ger 1985 RCA PD80998   pic M-/Vg+ SOLD
CD David Bowie The Rise & Fall Of Ziggy Stardust  1st RCA issue Ger 1985 RCA PD84702   pic M/Ex SOLD
CD David Bowie Ziggy Stardust & The Spiders From Mars "Live" Bel 1995 Audiophile Legends APH 102.804  pic M/Ex+ SOLD
CD Roy Buchanan The Early Years Fr 1989 Krazy Kat KK CD 02   pic Ex/Ex SOLD
CD Cab Calloway 1930 - 1931 Fr 1990 Classics 516   pic M / Ex SOLD
CD Cab Calloway 1932 - 1934 Fr 1990 Classics 544.   pic M / Ex SOLD
CD Hoagy Carmichael Stardust And Much More Ger 1989 Bluebird/BMG ND 88333   pic M/ Ex+ SOLD
CD Benny Carter 1929 - 1933 Fr 1990 Classics 522   pic M / Ex SOLD
CD Chumbawamba
Revengers Tragedy
UK 2003 Mutt  MUTTCD003
CD Christian Clozier / Jacques Lejeune       Perspectives Musicales UK 2007 Creel Pone #73
CD Coil
Astral Disaster
UK 2000 Threshold House LOCI CD14
CD Coil
Moon's Milk (In Four Phases)
UK 2002 Eskaton ESKATON 23
CD Steve Coleman & His 5 Elements The Sonic Language Of Myth Fr 1998 BMG 74321641232   pic M/Ex+ SOLD
CD Julian Cope Odin     73 min meditation !! UK 1999 Head Heritage HH6   pic M / M SOLD
CD Count Basie 1939  Vol. 2 Fr 1990 Classics 533   pic M / Ex SOLD
CD Sarah Cracknell  Lipslide   Deleted solo CD from St. Etienne vocalist UK 1997 Gut GUTCD2   pic M/M SOLD
CD Michael Czajkowski
People The Sky
UK 2009 Creel Pone #98
CD Eddie LockJaw Davis & Sonny Stitt   Jaws & Stitt At Birdland US 1991 Roulette Jazz 797572   pic M /Ex+ SOLD
CD Walter Davis Trio Illumination Jap 1989 Denon DC-8553   pic M / Ex- SOLD
CD Paul Desmond Polka Dots & Moonbeams Ger 1992 Bluebird/BMG ND 90637   pic M- Ex+ SOLD
4CD Doc Watson The Vanguard Years      w/ 28 page book Ger 1995 VCD4155/58   pic M-/Ex SOLD
CD Durutti Column The Return Of Durutti Column (Sealed With Obi Strip)  Jap 1989 Factory CY-3117 M/M SOLD
CD Durutti Column LC        Sealed With Obi Strip
Jap 1989 Factory CY-3118 M/M SOLD
2CD Fred J. Eaglesmith Ralph's Last Show      double digipack US 2001 Signature Sounds SIG1265   pic Ex/Vg+ SOLD
CD Roy Eldridge 1943 - 1944 Fr 1997 Classics 920   pic M / Ex SOLD
2CD Jean Claude Eloy
UK 2006 Creel Pone #30/1
CD Elusion feat. Limon Wilson Show And Tell  w/ obi Jap East West AMCY-6114   pic M-/M- SOLD
CD Gil Evans There Comes A Time US 1987 RCA/Bluebird 5783-2-RB   pic M/Ex SOLD
CD Maynard Ferguson Magnitude UK 1991 Mainstream MDCD 712   pic M / M- SOLD
2CD The Field Mice Where'd You Learn To Kiss That Way?  slipcase    UK 1998 Shinkansen SHINKANSEN 14CD   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
CD Stan Getz Presents Jimmie Rowles : The Peacocks US 1994 Columbia 475697   pic M / Ex+ SOLD
3CD Pietro Grossi
Computer Music
UK 2006 Creel Pone #40/1/2
CD Guru Guru UFO  / Hinten      2 on 1 CD Rus   pic M / Ex SOLD
CD Lionel Hampton 1937 - 1938 Fr 1990 Classics 524   pic M / Ex SOLD
CD James Hand Live From The Saxon Pub   Autographed US 2003 Knight Klub KKR1   pic M /Ex SOLD
CD Coleman Hawkins 1944 - 1945 Fr 1996 Classics 863   pic M / Ex SOLD
CD Willie Henderson & Friends Again  feat. God Made Gay People Too UK 2004 Eighty-Nine 8253462692   pic M-/Ex- SOLD
6CD Jimi Hendrix Astro Man   Box set of Live / Studio outtake UK 2003 Alchemy JHBX1   pic Ex-Ex+ SOLD
CD Pierre Henry
Mise En Musique Du Corticalart
UK 2005 Creel Pone #2
CD Earl Hines 1937 - 1939 Fr 1990 Classics 538   pic M / Ex SOLD
CD Hot Lips Page 1938 - 1940 Fr 1991 Classics 561   pic M / Ex SOLD
CD J.J. Johnson Let's Hang Out Fr1993 Gitanes Jazz 514 454   pic M / Ex+ SOLD
CD Wynton Kelly Piano Interpretations US 1991 Blue Note CDP 7 84456   pic M / Ex SOLD
CD Andy Kirk & Mary Lou Williams   Mary's Idea Ger 1993 MCA GRP 16222   pic M/Ex+ SOLD
2CD Lee Konitz Live At The Half Note US 1994 Polygram 512 659   pic M/Ex SOLD
CD Kraftwerk The Catalogue  Promo CD EU 2009 Kling Klang 12345678   pic Ex/M- SOLD
CD Jimmy LaFave Road Novel US 1997 Bohemia Beat 007   pic M /Ex+ SOLD
CD Led Zeppelin The Complete 1972 Bombay Sessions    Zoso Fan Club     Tecumseh  TRC-003   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
CD Jacques Lejeune
Blanche Neige
UK 2006 Creel Pone #63   pic
CD Cecil Leuter
Spectacular Stereo Sounds
UK 2007 Creel Pone #74
CD Bent Lorentzen
Electronic Music
UK 2005 Creel Pone #7
CD Salvatore Martirano
L's GA. Ballad/Octet
UK 2005 Creel Pone #6
CD Howard McGhee Sharp Edge Ger 1988 Black Lion BLCD760110   pic M / Ex+ SOLD
CD Meade Lux Lewis Barrel House Piano Czech 1992 Jasmine JASMCD 2536   pic M / Ex SOLD
CD Bruno Menny
UK 2006 Creel Pone #43
CD Mountain Men Anonymous Krkonose UK My Kung Fu 002   pic Ex-/Ex SOLD
CD Mountain Men Anonymous Mountain Men Anonymous UK 2001 Cytherea CCD 033   pic Ex-/Ex SOLD
CD Thierry Muller
Rare & Unreleased    1974-1984
UK 2007 Fractal  196
2CD Musiques De L'O.N.F
Music Of The National Film Board Of Canada    UK 2006 Creel Pone #60/1
CD Frankie Newton 1937 - 1939 Fr 1991 Classics 643   pic M / Ex SOLD
3CD Gary Numan
Hybrid       (Ltd Edition 3 CD Set)
UK 2003 Jagged Halo JHCD007
CD Nurse With Wound / Aranos    Santoor Lena Bicycle  (In Wooden Box) UK 2001 United Dairies UD053 CD
3CD Nurse With Wound
Surveillance Lounge / Memory Surface
UK 2009 United Dirter DPROMCD 72
2CD Molly O'Day & The Cumberland Mountain Folks Ger 1992 Bear Family BCD 15565   pic M-/Ex SOLD
CD Panama Francis & His Savoy Sultans    Gettin' In The Groove Fr 1987 Black & Blue 233320   pic M / M- SOLD
CD Oscar Pettiford Vienna Blues: The Complete Session Ger Black Lion BLCD760104   pic M / Ex+ SOLD
4CD Piano Red - Dr. Feelgood The Doctor's In !   4 CD Box w/ 20 page booklet Ger 1993 Bear Family BCD 15685 DI   pic Ex-/Ex SOLD
CD Pink Floyd Echoes  - Best of 6 track Sampler UK 2001 EMI   pic M / M SOLD
CD Pythagoron
Pythagoron Inc
UK 2006 Creel Pone #48   pic
CD Radiohead Amnesiac    w/ slipcase & bonus tracks Jap 2001 Parlophone LC127   pic Ex+Ex SOLD
CD Red Rodney Fiery Jap 1991 Savoy Jazz SV-0148   pic M / M- SOLD
CD Release Music Orchestra Life Ger 1995 Germanofon 941043
CD Josef Anton Riedl
Josef Anton Reidl
UK 2005 Creel Pone #23   pic
CD Luis Russell 1926 - 1929 Fr 1991 Classics 588   pic M / Ex SOLD
CD Saint Etienne                    OST - What Have You Done Today Mervyn Day?   Deleted    UK 2006 Foreign Office 002   pic M / M- SOLD
Box Saint Etienne Boxette   4 CD Fan Club only comp - unsealed UK 2007 Foreign Office 004   pic M/M- SOLD
CD Saint Etienne Fox Base Beta    re-produced digipak UK 2009 Heavenly HVNLP1CDRX-1   pic M- / M- SOLD
Box Smashing Pumpkins The Aeroplane Flies High    5 x CD EP's w/ booklet US 1996 Virgin  pic Ex / Ex SOLD
CD The Spacious Mind
Cosmic Minds At Play
Swe 1993 Garageland GRCD 006
CD Swara Samrat
The Truth About Suzanne
Ger 1998 Coloured Rain CR016/93CD
CD Ikuro Takahashi                Domori To Sanshu    (300 Only Screenprinted Wooden Slipcase)    US 2005 Siwa SCD 001 M/Ex+
CD James Talley Love Songs & The Blues Ger 1989 Bear Family BCD15464   pic Ex/Ex SOLD
CD James Talley Live     Autographed Ger 1994 Bear Family BCD15704   pic M/M- SOLD
CD Martin Taylor Gold UK 1997 Linn AKD 091   pic Ex/Ex- SOLD
CD Thousand Yard Stare Fair To Middling    digipack UK 1992 Polydor POL900   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
CD Toots Thielemans Bluesette NL 1985 CBS 26604   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
CD Uganda  Dawn Of African Rock
Jap 2008 Tiliqua  TILAR-5012
Ex+/Ex+ SOLD
CD V / A Independent Soul Series - Pre Vue Soul On CD 1 US 1991 Prevue PR-910701-1   pic M/Ex SOLD
CD V / A Independent Soul Series - Pre Vue Soul On CD 2 US 1991 Prevue PR-910802-1   pic M/Ex SOLD
CD V / A Here Comes The Girls - Seven UK 1995 Sequel NEMCD 752   pic M /Ex- SOLD
CD Tom Waits New Coat Of Paint  '77 Radio Broadcast Remasters Records Promo CD     more M/Ex+ SOLD
2CD Walter Wegmuller
Tarot    Box Set With Tarot Cards + Insert
Fr 1994 Spalax Music CD 14900
CD Ruth White
7 Trumps From The Tarot Cards / Pinions
UK 2007 Creel Pone #72
2CD The Who Fort Worth  1976   Promo Live 16-3-76 Heart Breakers HB2050-1   pic M / Ex SOLD
CD Carl Wilson ex Beach Boys Carl Wilson    Japanese w/ lyrics sheet Jap 1981 Sony SRCS 6102   pic M / Ex SOLD
CD Teddy Wilson 1937 Fr 1990 Classics 531   pic M / Ex SOLD
2CD Woody Shaw Bemsha Swing NL 1997 Blue Note 7243 829029   pic M / Ex SOLD
DVD  Xhol Caravan Talking To My Soul
Ger 2005 Garden Of Delights DVD 01
CD Edward M Zajda
Independent Electronic Music Composer
UK 2005 Creel Pone #15
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