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1950's  /  ROCK 'n' ROLL

Updated   17 March, 2015

Chuck Berry On Stage LP   Cliff Richard w/ Norrie Paramor Orchestra  - Love Songs EP    Johnny Otis' Shake It EP
7" Chuck Berry Sweet Little Sixteen    Tri-centre UK London 45-HLM 8585   pic Vg+ £30
LP Chuck Berry On Stage UK 1963 Pye NPL 28027 mono   pic Vg+Vg+ £20
LP Chuck Berry The Latest And The Greatest UK 1964 Pye International NPL 28031 mono   pic Ex-Vg+ £20
7" Billie And Eddie The King Is Coming Back UK 1959 Top Rank 45 JAR-249   pic Ex £15
7" Dee Clark Hey Little Girl UK 1959 Top Rank 45-JAR-196   pic Ex+ £20
LP Bobby Darin Love Swings UK1961 London SAHK.6194 stereo   pic Ex-/Ex- £25
EP The Fabulous Fabian Learnin'  /  Gotta Tell Somebody US Chancellor B-5005   pic Vg+Vg+ £25
7" The Flamingos Love Walked In UK 1959 Top Rank 45-JAR-213   pic Vg+Ex- £25
7" The Flamingos The Ladder Of Love  /  Let's Make Up UK Brunswick 45-05696   pic Ex-Vg+ £300
7" Buddy Holly You've Got Love UK 1964 Coral Q.72472   pic Ex- £20
LP Buddy Holly Holly In The Hills UK 1965 Coral LVA 9227 mono   pic Vg+Vg+ £20
7" Louis Jordan You're Much Too Fat US Decca 9-28444 (45-L 4595)   pic Ex- £20
LP Jerry Lee Lewis Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On UK 1967 London HAS 8251 mono   pic Ex-/Ex- £40
LP Jim Lowe Songs They Sing Behind The Green Door UK London HA-D.2108    pic Vg+Vg+ £20
EP Rick Nelson Ricky Sings Again   Old Enough To Love US Imperial IMP-161   pic Vg+Ex- £25
LP Rick Nelson Another Side Of Rick UK 1967 MCA MUP 302 mono   pic Ex-/Ex £20
EP Johnny Otis Shake It UK Vocalion VE-P 170162   pic Ex-Vg+ £80
7" Patience And Prudence Tonight You Belong To Me UK London 45-HL-U 8321   pic Ex-Vg+ £20
7" Elvis Presley You Gotta Stop UK RCA Victor RCA 1593   pic Ex/Ex £20
7" Elvis Presley Heartbreak Hotel UK 1958 RCA Victor RCA 1088   pic Ex-/Ex £40
7" Margie Rayburn I'm Available UK London 45-HL-U 8515   pic Vg+Vg+ £20
EP Debbie Reynolds Debbie Reynolds EP - What Good Is A Gal? UK 1958 M.G.M. MGM-EP 670   pic Ex/Vg £15
EP Cliff Richard w/ Norrie Paramor Orch.        Love Songs UK 1963 Columbia SEG 8272 mono  pic Ex/Ex+ £20
EP Cliff Richard w/ The Shadows Cliff's Palladium Successes UK 1964 Columbia SEG 8320 mono   pic Ex/Ex+ £30
EP Cliff Richard w/ The Shadows Hits From Aladdin And His Wonderful Lamp UK 1964 Columbia SEG 8395 mono   pic Ex/Ex+ £20
EP Cliff Richard Travellin' Light - Dynamite Fr Columbia ESRF 1456   pic Vg+Ex- £20
7" The Temptations Someday  /  Barbara UK 1960 Top Rank JAR-384   pic Ex-Vg+ £30
LP Gene Vincent I'm Back And I'm Proud    Gatefold UK 1969 Dandelion 63754   pic Vg+Vg+ £20
7" The Wailers Tall Cool One UK 1959 London 45-HL 8958   pic Vg+Ex- £20
10" Slim Whitman Slim Whitman And His Singing Guitar UK London H-APB 1015   pic Ex/Vg+ £25
        Sleeve / Vinyl
Elvis Presley - Jailhouse Rock EP The Day The World Turned Blue LP by Gene Vincert   The Tymes's So Much In Love LP Buddy Holly - Showcase Vol.2 EP