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Updated   20 July, 2014

 Florence 'Flo' Ballard - Love Ain't Love 7 inch  The Corvells - The Joke's On Me demo  Mary Love's Lay This Burden Down single Major Lance's My Girl single   Dee Edwards - Why Can't There Be Love Spanish 7 Inch
7" Calleen Anderegg Fool's Paradise US RBE 112   pic Ex £75
7" Argie And The Arkettes You're The Guy  /  Hey Baby US Ronnie YUR THE GUY   pic Ex- £75
7" Baby Washington Leave Me Alone US Sue 790 (SR-1096)   pic Ex- £50
7" Florence 'Flo' Ballard Love Ain't Love US ABC 11144   pic Ex-/Ex £35
7" Bessie Banks  I Can't Make It UK 1967 Verve VS 563   pic Vg+ £75
7" Martha Branch  You US Solid Soul SS-726   pic Ex- £75
7" Brenda & Tabulations That's All In The Past    Demo US Dionn D-BTA-11   pic Ex+ £40
7" Doni Burdick Open The Door To Your Heart US Sound Impression SIR 6809   pic Ex £75
7" Candi-Bars I Believe In You US Candy-Stix CS-100   pic Ex- £100
7" The Classmen Doin' Me Right US Classic P-5823 mono   pic Ex £80
7" The Corvells The Joke's On Me   Demo US Cub Records K9122   pic Ex-/Ex £30
7" The Dell-Vikings Finger Poppin' Woman US 1976 Fee Bee FB-227   pic Vg+ £50
7" The Distortions Gimme Some Lovin'   promo US Capital P 2223   pic Ex- £40
7" Barbara English I Don't Deserve A Boy Like You    Promo US Mala 488   pic Ex-/Ex- £50
7" Eunice & Eddie Tell Me To My Face US Star-A-Fire 45-SF-101   pic Vg+ £50
7" The Formations Lonely Voice Of Love   Demo US MGM K-13963.   pic Ex £40
7" The Foundations Change My Life  /  Closer To Loving You UK 1978 Psycho P2603   pic Vg+ £75
7" The Four Tracks  Charade US Note NOTE 7212-Z   pic Vg+ £300
7" Eddie Hill I Can Hear You Crying US Ge Ge 502   pic Ex- £75
7" Joe Hinton You Gotta Have Love    Demo  wol UK 1964 Vocalion Pop V-P.9224   pic Vg+ £50
7" The Holidays This Is Love  /  The Love We Share US Rob-Ron RR-75   pic Ex- £120
7" Eddie Jones Give Me Good Lovin'   DJ Copy US Fairmount F-1009   pic Ex £40
7" Louis Jones  That's Cuz I Love You    Promo / wol US Decca 31500   pic Ex- £50
7" Jr. Walker All Stars Good Rockin' US Harvey H 119   pic Ex- £50
7" Frankie Karl No Hurry, No Worry  /  Ferris Wheel US In'Sight 3500   pic Ex £50
7" Willie Kendrick You Can't By Pass Love    Demo US 1966 RCA Victor 47-8947   pic Vg+ £75
7" Major Lance My Girl / Dark And Lonely UK 1973 Contempo C26   pic Ex-Ex- £20
7" J.B. Love Then Only Then     Radio Station Copy   wol US Kapp K-603   pic Vg+ £120
7" Lydia Marcelle Everybody Dance    Promo US Atco 45-6366   pic Vg+ £50
7" Barbara Mason Ain't Got Nobody US Atctic A-BMA-15   pic Ex- £50
7" Florence Miller I Believe In Love US P & P A-555   pic Ex- £50
7" Jimmy Miller     New record added for sale at Kingbee Records On A Back Street US Counterpoint 9001   pic Vg+ £100
7" Johnny Moore  Just Be For Real    Demo US Brunswick B 55459   pic Ex+ £50
7" Natural Four  I Thought You Were Mine US ABC 11253   pic Vg+ £300
7" Phil Orsi Love Is Slipping Away US Sonic 3030-2   pic Ex- £60
7" Paradise Tell Her   DJ Copy US 1981 Phil LA of Soul PH-PAR1   pic Ex £75
7" Dean Parrish     New record added for sale at Kingbee Records Determination    Demo UK 1966 Stateside SS 550   pic Ex- £120
7" David Perrett                                Girl, I'll Always Be In Love With You  DJ Copy US Cadet Concept 7020   pic Ex £40
7" Pure Velvet Hooked On Your Love     Demo US 1975 Osiris OSI-004   pic Ex- £80
7" The Rayons You Confuse Me Baby US Forte 105-C   pic Ex+ £120
7" Johnnie Richardson  Every Night Same Time US Sprout 994   pic Ex+ £100
7" Smokey Robinson & The Miracles     New record added for sale at Kingbee Records      I Care About Detroit US 13090   pic Ex £100
7" Rock 'N' Co You Only Live Once US 1976 AMG 6041-21   pic Ex £150
7" Sandy & The Sophomores Walk Away Girl    Demo US Columbia 4-43089   pic Ex- £60
7" Sharon Soul Just How Long Can I Go On US Coral 62505   pic Ex £60
7" Merle Spears & The Treats I Want To Know US Atlantic A-7995   pic Ex- £50
7" Kirk Taylor Got To Have Somebody US Salem 11864   pic Ex+ £60
7" Leroy Taylor Oh Linda     Drill hole / swol US Brunswick 55345   pic Ex- £60
7" Teardrops Call Me And I'll Be Happy US Saxony S5KM-7505   pic Ex- £50
7" Gene Toone You're My Baby   DJ Copy US Annette 1001   pic Ex £75
7" Benny Troy I Wanna Give You Tomorrow US 1975 De-lite DEP-1572   pic Ex+ £75
CD V / A Wigan Casino Soul Club    Sealed w/ pop-up model EU 2003 Fab-U-Lus FBUBX101   pic Ex+/M £20
7" James Walsh Gypsy Band Cuz It's You, Girl     Demo US 1978 RCA JH-11403 mono   pic Ex- £100
7" Donald Wilson I've Gotta Get Myself Together    Demo US Columbia 4-45044   pic Ex £50
7" Nancy Wilson     New record added for sale at Kingbee Records The End Of Our Love UK 1968 Capitol CL 15547   pic Ex- £40
7" Bobby Womack What Is This? US Keymen 102   pic Vg+ £60
7" Johnny Wyatt Hang Up The Phone US Challenge 59242   pic Ex £40
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