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Updated   22 July, 2022

LP Acanthus Le Frisson Des Vampires  OST    Red vinyl w/ insert   UK 2020 Finders Keepers  FKR038LPX   pic M-/Ex £20
10" M. Ashraf / Nahid Akhtar /
             Ahmed Rushdi
Dekha Jaye Ga (From The Original Soundtrack)
UK 2009 Finders Keepers  FKR026-A   pic Ex+Ex- £30
10" M. Ashraf  Uf Yeh Beevian   (Original Soundtrack)
UK 2009 Finders Keepers  FKR026-B   pic M-/Ex+ £20
LP Richard Band  H.P. Lovecraft's Re-Animator     
       Ltd splatter vinyl - w/ seam split inner - no poster
US 2013 Waxwork  WW001   pic Ex/Ex £30
LP Les Baxter Cry Of The Banshee (Original Motion Picture Score)
   The Edgar Allen Poe Suite ( Television Score)
US 1980 Citadel  CTV 7013   pic Ex/Ex £20
LP Elmer Bernstein The Carpetbaggers  OST    mono UK 1964 London  HA-A 8219   pic Vg+/Ex £50
LP Giampiero Boneschi Organ Hits A Gogo It 1971 Italdisc  LPD 192   pic Vg+Ex- £40
LP Ralph Carmichael The Cross And The Switchblade  OST UK 1971 Word  WST 5550   pic Ex-Vg+ £20
2LP John Carpenter
           w/ Alan Howarth
Escape From New York  OST  
                      Double gatefold     Expanded edition
UK 2018 Silva Screen  SILLP1493   pic Ex/Ex £20
2x10" David Chatton Barker /
                 Ian Humberstone
Devon Folklore Tapes Volume I:
          Two Witches      Ltd gatefold w/ booklet
UK 2014 Folklore Tapes  DFTI   pic Ex+Ex+ £50
2LP Ivor Cutler Prince Ivor     Double w/ insert UK 1986 Rough Trade ROUGH 89   pic Ex-/Ex- £35
12" Ivor Cutler  The Peel Sessions      small sleeve tear UK 1989 Strange Fruit SFPS 068   pic Vg+/Ex £25
LP V / A Quentin Tarantino's "Death Proof"  (Original
      Soundtrack)   w/ seam split inner + insert
US 2007 A Band Apart 106172-1   pic Ex-/Ex- £50
2LP Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein Stranger Things   A Netflix Original Series
Original Music • Volume One
Gatefold w/ print insert / coloured vinyl
UK 2016 Invada  INV176LP   pic M-/Ex+ £25
2LP Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein Stranger Things   A Netflix Original Series
Original Music • Volume Two
Gatefold w/ print insert / purple splatter vinyl
UK 2017 Invada  LSINV194LP   pic Ex+Ex+ £20
LP V / A Drama-Tension UK 1976 Conroy  BMLP 150   pic Vg+Ex- £30
LP Luboš Fišer  Valerie A Týden Divu   OST    Gatefold UK 2006 Finders Keepers  FKR009LP   pic M-/Ex £25
10" Folklore Tapes Aid To Practice   (Museum Of Witchcraft
      And Magic Storeroom Tapes)    Ltd# 51/100
UK 2018 Folklore Tapes   pic Ex-/Ex- £40
2LP V / A Ghost World (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)                                                   Double green vinyl US 2019 Cinema Paradiso 6056   pic M-/ Ex £40
7" Ron Grainer Orchestra

The Prisoner

UK 1979 Six Of One  6 OF-1   pic Vg+Vg+ £20
LP Douglas Holmquist PinOut (Original Soundtrack) Ltd# 375 Blue vinyl Swe 2016 Mediocre  MDCR1   pic Vg+/Ex £25
LP V / A  The Hot Spot      Original Motion Picture Soundtrack      UK 1990 Antilles  AN 8755   pic Ex-Ex+ £20
LP The Inner Space Agilok & Blubbo      Gatefold Sp 2009 Wah Wah  LPS061   pic Ex+Ex+ £20
LP V / A Jingles   "For DJ's, Discos and Radio Stations"  Vol.1 UK Alfasound  ALFA 1   pic Vg+Vg+ £20
LP Quincy Jones In Cold Blood  OST UK 1967 RCA Victor  RD-7931 mono   pic Vg+Vg+ £25
LP V / A Juno    (Music From The Motion Picture)
                 Orange vinyl w/ inner
US 2008 Rhino  RHI1 432700   pic Ex+Vg+ £40
LP Yuzo Koshiro       New record added for sale at Kingbee Records Streets Of Rage     180g Red vinyl w/ 2 prints + Obi UK 2015 Data Discs DATA001   pic Ex/Ex+ £40
LP KPM  Music Recorded Library All That Jazz UK 1972 KPM Music   KPM 104   pic Ex-Vg+ £30
LP Zdenek Liska Spalovac Mrtvol (The Cremator)
               Ltd handmade sleeve w/ press photos + M poster
UK 2013 Finders Keepers FKRLP060-B   pic M-/Vg+ £50
7" Graeme Millar & Steve Shill The Moomins: Moomins (Main Theme)   
       Hand stitched felt (snupkin playing flute) sleeve
UK 2015 Finders Keepers   FKSP007   pic M-/M- £30
7" Graeme Millar & Steve Shill The Moomins: Moomins (Main Theme)   
       Hand stitched felt (moomintroll) sleeve
UK 2015 Finders Keepers  FKSP007   pic M-/Ex+ £30
7" Graeme Millar & Steve Shill
The Moomins: Silent Night    
       Hand stitched felt sleeve
UK 2016 Finders Keepers  FKSP010   pic M-/Ex £30
7" Graeme Millar & Steve Shill The Moomins: Woodland Band (Parade)    
       Hand stitched felt (woodland band) sleeve
UK 2017 Finders Keepers  FKSP019   pic M-/Ex+ £30
LP Graeme Miller & Steve Shill The Carrier Frequency   Brutalist Concrete Edition  Ltd# 50 leature sleeve, insert + 4 photos UK 2020 Finders Keepers  FKR105LP   pic Ex+/Ex £100
LP Francis Monkman The Long Good Friday
   (Original Motion Picture Score)   w/ insert
UK 1983 Collector Edition Soundtracks   CES 1001  pic Vg+/Ex £25
LP Hugo Montenegro The Man From U.N.C.L.E.  OST UK 1965 RCA Victor  RD.7758 mono   pic Ex/Ex- £30
LP Hugo Montenegro More Music From The Man From U.N.C.L.E.  OST     UK 1967 RCA Victor mono   RD-7832   pic Vg+Ex- £30
LP Mr. Paul Mooney Master Piece    Promo-stamped sleeve US 1994 StepSun Music  53748 3030 1   pic Ex-/Ex- £20
LP Ennio Morricone Escalation - Galileo    OST It 1988 Intermezzo/Replay  RP 015    pic Ex+Ex+ £15
LP Luigi Nono Canti Di Vita E D'Amore / Per Bastiana / Omaggio A Vedova     Ger WERGO  WER 60067   pic Ex/Ex+ £20
LP Piero Piccioni  Colpo Rovente   Original Soundtrack    sealed It 1999 Easy Tempo  ET 925 DLP   pic Ex / M £60
2LP Douglas Pipes Trick 'R Treat       Double Gatefold w/ poster US 2014 Waxwork  WW006   pic Ex+Ex- £30
LP Jean Jacques Robert / Jean Michel Guise        New record added for sale at Kingbee Records      Delirius Music      Library Fr Editions Montparnasse 2000  MP 14   pic Ex/Ex+ £40
LP François De Roubaix  Daughters Of Darkness  Les Lèvres Rouges  OST     Ltd# 000986  Gatefold red vinyl w/ M poster & inner NL 2018 Music On Vinyl  MOVATM215   pic M-/M- £35
LP Sally Smmit And Her Musicians Hangahar   OST UK 1980 Groovy  STP 3   pic Vg+Ex- £30
LP V / A Some British Accents & Dialects UK 1971 BBC  RESR 28M mono   pic Vg+Ex- £20
2LP V / A The Sound Of Wonder!     Ltd#92/100  handmade sleeve    UK 2009 Finders Keepers  FKR023LLP   pic M-/Ex- £70
LP V / A  The Sounds Of DJM    Gatefold promo LP UK 1973 DJM  SPEC 101   pic Ex-/Ex £30
LP Ray Swinfield One For Ray UK 1968 Morgan  MR107P   pic Vg+Ex- £30
2LP  V / A Trainspotting    (Music From The Motion Picture)
                                        Ltd Orange vinyl
UK 2016 Parlophone  EMC37391A   pic Ex+Ex+ £25
2LP  V / A T2  Trainspotting    (Music From The Motion Picture) EU 2017 Polydor  5738563   pic Ex-/Ex- £20
7" Jean-Claude Vannier La Bête Noire     Ltd Furry sleeve UK 2019 Finders Keepers FK SP016   pic Ex/Ex- £60
2LP Ruben Vine  The Life & Times Of An Imaginary Rock Star
       Sealed Promo Ltd#500 double LP w/ comic
UK 2017 AOFLP005   pic M / M £20
LP Rob Walsh Revenge Of The Ninja    (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)    US 1983 Varèse Sarabande   STV 81195   pic Ex-/Ex £50
Box Jeff Wayne Musical Version Of The War Of The Worlds 
    Ltd #08614  Box w/ novel, Vg+ poster & gatefold 2 LP
UK 1978 CBS   WOW 100   pic Vg+Ex- £50
7" Peter Wyngarde  La Ronde De L'Amour UK 1970 RCA Victor  1967   pic Vg+Vg+ £20
7" Yedi Ormanin Sesi Kafamdaki Yangin      Ltd# 500 US 2007 Yonca  YCBS-077   pic Vg+ £25
LP Francesco Zampaglione Tulpa - Perdizioni Mortali   Ltd# 333 splatter vinyl w/ CD   It 2014 Cinedelic  CNLP 14-1   pic Ex+/Ex £20
        Sleeve / Vinyl
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