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Updated   14 November, 2015

LP OST   V / A  All Night Long UK 1962 Fontana TFL5179   pic Ex+/Ex £20
  All Night Long Original Soundtrack LP
LP John Carpenter  Assault On Precinct 13   OST EU 2003 Record Makers Rec-12   pic Ex+Ex- £30
  John Carpenter's Assault On Precinct 13 OST lp
LP Geoff Bastow Flavour Of The Month UK 1977 JW Theme Music JW 414    pic Ex-/Ex £25
  Geoff Bastow - Flavour Of The Month LP
LP OST   Elmer Bernstein The Carpetbaggers    mono UK 1964 London HA-A 8219   pic Vg+/Ex £50
  Elmer Bernstein - Carpetbaggers OST LP
LP OST - Ralph Carmichael The Cross And The Switchblade UK 1971 Word WST 5550   pic Ex-Vg+ £20
  The Cross And The Switchblade OST LP
LP The Clear Light Band Music Report UK 1977 Rouge RMS/LP 110   pic Vg+Ex- £40
  The Clear Light Band - Music Report LP        
CD OST   V / A  The Devil Rides Out  
                       A Hammer Films Production
UK 2000 GDI GDICD013   pic M-/Ex- £10
  The Devil Rides Out OST CD
7" OST   BBC TV Series Doctor Who UK 1964 Decca F.11837   pic Vg+ £20
  Doctor Who - OST BBC TV Series 7 inch
LP OST   V / A Enter The Dragon UK 1973 Warner K 46275   pic Ex-/Ex- £20
  Enter The Dragon OST LP
LP Herbie Hancock Blow-Up  OST    cut-out US 1966 MGM SE4447 ST stereo   pic Ex-/Ex- £25
  Herbie Hancock's Blow-UP Original Soundtrack LP
LP Tony Hancock It's Hancock UK 1955 Decca LK 4740 mono   pic Ex-/Ex- £10
  It's Hancock Decca LP
LP Bobby Heath, Eric Peters
& Robert Hunter
Science Lab And Computer Control UK Spectrum Mood Library SPEC 207   pic Ex-/Ex- £25
  Bobby Heath, Eric Peters - Science Lab And Computer Control LP        
LP Quincy Jones In Cold Blood  OST UK 1967 RCA Victor RD-7931 mono   pic Vg+Vg+ £25
  In Cold Blood Original Soundtrack LP
3CD Box  The Jack Kerouac Collection        12" Box + Booklet UK 1990 Rhino R270939   pic Ex-/Ex- £20
  The Jack Kerouac Collection CD Box set
LP Roland Kovac New Set Nymphe Ger 1979 Selected Sound 9077   pic Ex-/Ex- £25
  Roland Kovac New Set - Nymphe-lp
LP KPM  Music Recorded Library The Big Screen UK 1972 KPM Music KPM 1100    pic Ex/Ex- £40
  KPM Music Recorded Library LP - 1100
Many more KPM LP's in stock...
LP OST   V / A  Lawless    Ltd #528 coloured 180g vinyl EU 2012 Music On Vinyl MOVLP600   pic M-/M £20
  Lawless Ltd Original Soundtrack 180g LP
LP OST     Hugo Montenegro  The Man From U.N.C.L.E. UK 1965 RCA VictorRD.7758 mono   pic Ex/Ex- £30
  The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Original Soundtrack LP
LP OST   V / A More Music From The Man From U.N.C.L.E. UK 1967 RCA Victor mono RD-7832   pic Vg+Ex- £30
  More Music From The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Original Soundtrack LP
LP OST   Ennio Morricone Escalation - Galileo It 1988 Intermezzo/Replay RP 015    pic Ex+Ex+ £15
  Ennio Morricone's  Escalation - Galileo OST LP
LP Les Musiciens De Soviet France     A Flock Of Rotations   Paper sleeve + inner    UK 1987 Red Rhino REDLP68  pic M-/Ex £30
  A Flock Of Rotations LP
LP Michael Nyman Decay Music UK 1976 Obscure obscure no. 6   pic Ex-/M- £30
  Micheal Nyman's Decay Music LP produced by Brian Eno        
LP Michael Nyman Untitled UK 1982 Piano SHEET-1   pic Vg+Ex- £20
  Micheal Nyman's untitled LP        
LP Old Tymers / Islanders
New Dance Orchestra
Background Music Specially Recorded For       Film Radio & Television UK 1971 Boosey & Hawkes SBH 3033    pic Ex-/Ex £35
  Background Music Specially Recorded For Film Radio & Television LP
LP Bob Ostertag  w/ Fred Frith Getting A Head US 1980 RIFT/RIFT2.   pic Ex/Ex+ £15
  Bob Ostertag w/ Fred Frith - Getting A Head LP        
LP OST   Paul Jones / George Bean Group         Privilege UK 1967 EMI CSD 3623   pic Vg+/Ex- £30
  Privilege OST by Paul Jones / George Bean Group
LP OST   V / A Rad       Sealed cutout US 1986 MCA / Curb 76732-6166-1   pic Ex+/M £60
  Rad Original Soundtrack sealed LPck LP
LP V / A The Sheffield Track Record US 1982 Sheffield Lab Lab 20   pic Ex-/Ex- £30
  The Sheffield Track Record LP
LP V / A Some British Accents & Dialects UK 1971 BBC RESR 28M mono   pic Ex-/Ex- £20
  Some British Accents & Dialects BBC LP
LP OST   V / A The Spy Who Loved Me   Gatefold UK 1977 United Artists UAG 30098   pic Ex-/Ex- £15
  The Spy Who Loved Me Original Soundtrack LP
LP Ray Swinfield One For Ray UK 1968 Morgan MR107P   pic Vg+Ex- £30
  Ray Swinfield - One For Ray LP
LP V / A Accent On Rhythm  UK 1984 Bruton Music BRH 24   pic Ex-/Ex- £30
  Accent On Rhythm LP
LP V / A Drama-Tension UK 1976 Conroy  BMLP 150   pic Vg+Ex- £30
  Drama-Tension LP
LP OST   V / A  The Touchables    cut out sleeve US 1968 20th Century Fox TFS-4206   pic Ex-Ex- £30
  The Touchables OST 20th Century Fox LP
LP Klaus Weiss Sport Sequences Vol. 1 Ger 1982 Sonoton SON 177   pic Ex-/Ex £40
  Klaus Weiss - Sport Sequences Vol. 1 LP
7" Peter Wyngarde  La Ronde De L'Amour UK 1970 RCA Victor 1967   pic Vg+Vg+ £20
  Peter Wyngarde's La Ronde De L'Amour single
        Sleeve / Vinyl
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