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Updated   17 April, 2015

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7" Edwin Astley Danger Man   Theme from ATV Production UK 1965 RCA Victor RCA 1492   pic Ex-Vg+ SOLD
  Edwin Astley's Danger_Man RCA single
6LP V / A  Avant Garde     Six LPs w/ Booklet UK Deutsche Grammophon 104988-93   pic Ex / Ex SOLD
  Avant Garde six LP box        
LP OST  Laurie Johnson Orchestra The Avengers UK 1967 Marble Arch 695   pic Ex/Ex SOLD
  The Avengers Original Soundtrack LP with the Laurie Johnson Orchestra
LP Brian Bennett Change Of Direction UK 1967 Columbia SX 6144   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
  Brian Bennett's Change Of Direction LP
LP Brigitte Bardot Brigitte Bardot    flipback UK 1963 Philips BL 7561   pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD
  Brigitte Bardot 1963 LP
EP Brigitte Bardot Invitango    4 tracks - wos Fr 1965 Philips 432.891   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
  Brigitte Bardot - Invitango 4 track EP from 1965
7" Brigitte Bardot Noir Et Blanc    Philips plastic sleeve & card insert Fr Philips B 373.100 F    pic Ex+Ex+ SOLD
  Brigitte Bardot - Noir Et Blanc 7 inch
LP John Barry / Adam Faith / Shirley Anne Field Music From The Film Beat Girl UK 1960 EMI Columbia 33SX 1225 mono   pic Ex/Ex SOLD
  Music From The Film Beat Girl OST LP
LP OST John Barry      Deadfall UK 1968 Stateside SSL 10263    pic Ex-Vg+ SOLD
  John Barry - Deadfall OST LP
LP OST Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls UK 1970 Stateside SSL 10311   pic Vg+/Ex SOLD
  Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls Original Soundtrack LP        
LP Honor Blackman Everything I've Got UK 1964 Decca LK 4642 mono   pic Ex-Vg+ SOLD
  Honor Blackman's Everything I've Got LP
LP OST Casino Royale     Charles K. Feldman's UK 1966 RCA Victor RD-7874 mono   pic Ex/Ex- SOLD
  Casino Royale Original Soundtrack LP
7" Peter Cook & Dudley Moore Bedazzled     Demo / sticker on label UK 1967 Decca F 12710   pic Ex- SOLD
  Peter Cook & Dudley Moore  - Bedazzled Decca demo 7 inch
LP OST - Basil Poledouris Conan The Barbarian US 1982 MCA MCA-1566    pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
  Conan The Barbarian OST LP
LP Claude Dauray Pop In Pop      Library sticker Fr 197_ Disc Waldberg BM 101   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
  Enter The Dragon OST LP
LP OST     V / A Dr. Phibes    US cutout US 1971 AIR A-1040   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
  Dr. Phibes Original Soundtrack LP        
7" OST   BBC TV Series Doctor Who UK 1964 Decca F.11837   pic Vg+ SOLD
  Doctor Who - OST BBC TV Series 7 inch


LP OST Paul Giovanni      The Wicker Man
UK 1998 Trunk Barked 4   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
  The Wicker Man Original Soundtrack LP by Paul Giovanni        
LP OST   V / A The Girl From U.N.C.L.E.  UK 1966 M.G.M. mono MGM C 8034   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
  The Girl From U.N.C.L.E. Original Soundtrack LP
LP OST Ron Goodwin          The Trap UK 1966 Polydor 582004   pic Ex/Ex- SOLD
  Ron Goodwin's The Trap OST LP
LP OST     V / A Groupie Girl   Stereo UK 1970 Polydor 2384 021   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
  Groupie Girl Original Soundtrack LP
LP Francoise Hardy The Greatest Hits Of Francoise Hardy US 1977 Peters International PLD 2009   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
  The Greatest Hits Of Francoise Hardy LP
LP OST   Spencer Davis Group / Traffic              Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush   Ex-Vg+ SOLD
  Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush Original Soundtrack LP
CD OST   Joe Hisaishi My Neighbour Totoro Jap SM records SMB-001   pic M /M- SOLD
  Joe Hisaishi - My Neighbour Totoro CD        
CD OST   Joe Hisaishi Princess Mononoke     w/ obi Jap 1999 Ever Anime A8-1086   pic M /M- SOLD
  Joe Hisaishi - Princess Mononoke CD
LP Basil Kirchin Worlds Within Worlds     2nd LP UK 1974 Island HELP 18   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
  Basil Kirchin's Worlds Within Worlds LP
LP KPM  Music Recorded Library Jazzrock UK 1972 KPM Music KPM 1097   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
  KPM Music Recorded Library LP - 1097
LP KPM  Music Recorded Library Progressive Pop UK 1970 KPM Music KPM 1077   pic Ex-/Ex SOLD
  KPM Music Recorded Library LP - 1077
LP James Last Guitar A Gogo UK 1968 Polydor 249204   pic Ex+Ex SOLD
  Guitar A Gogo LP by James Last        
LP Desmond Leslie Music Of The Future UK 2005 Trunk JBH 014LP   pic Ex+/M SOLD
  Desmond Leslie - Music Of The Future LP
LP Nelson Mandela Why I Am Ready To Die
          Gatefold - Narrated by Peter Finch
UK 1964 Ember CEL 905   pic Vg/Ex- SOLD
  Nelson Madela - Why I Am Ready To Die Gatefold LP narrated by Peter Finch
LP Charles Manson Live At San Quentin    Mono Yellow Vinyl UK 1983 Grey Matter GM01LP   pic Vg+ Ex SOLD
  Charles Manson Live At San Quentin yellow vinyl LP        
2LP  Cliff Martinez  Drive OST   Double Gatefold / Pink Vinyl UK 2012 Invada INV106LP   pic M / M SOLD
  Cliff Martinez' Drive OST double LP on Pink Vinyl
LP Wim Mertens Educes Me UK 1986 Factory FACT 190   pic Ex-/M- SOLD
  Wim Mertens - Educes Me LP
LP OST   Wim Mertens The Belly Of An Architect - Peter Greenaway UK Factory FACT 195.   pic Ex/Ex SOLD
  Wim Mertens - The Belly Of An Architect OST LP
LP OST   Ennio Morricone The Good, The Bad And The Ugly  Orig. Flipback      UK 1968 United Artists SULP 1197   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
  The Good, The Bad And The Ugly Original Soundtrack LP
LP OST   Michael Nyman Drowning By Numbers    Peter Greenaway UK 1988 Venture / Virgin VE 23.   pic Ex-/Ex SOLD
  Michael Nyman - Drowning By Numbers OST LP
LP OST   V / A Loot     Stereo UK 1970 CBS 70073   pic Vg/Vg+ SOLD
  Loot Original Soundtrack LP
LP Jean Jacques Perrey Moog Indigo UK 1972 Vanguard VSD6549  pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
  Moog Indigo LP by Jean Jacques Perrey        
LP OST  Angelo Badalamenti Music From Twin Peaks Ger. 1990 Warner 7599-26316-1    pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
  Angelo Badalamenti's Twin Peaks Soundtrack LP
LP OST Elvis Presley        Loving You UK RCA RC24001    pic Vg/Vg+ SOLD
  Elvis Presley Original Soundtrack LP for Loving You movie        

Elvis Presley          Speedway

UK 1968 RCA RD7957  mono   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
  Elvis Presley Original Soundtrack LP for Speedway movie      
LP Paul Raymond Presents Frankly Fiona    Fiona Richmond/Anthony Newley UK 1973 Raymond PR1121973   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
   Paul Raymond Presents Frankly Fiona LP        
LP OST   V / A Reservoir Dogs UK 1992 MCA SVLP 0028   pic Ex-Vg+ SOLD
  Reservoir Dogs OST LP
LP OST Harry Roche Constellation     
                    Casino Royale & other Hip Sounds
UK CBS 63013   pic Ex/Vg+ SOLD
  Casino Royale and other Hip Sounds Original Soundtrack LP with the Harry Roche Constellation        
LP V / A Singles  OST UK 1992 Epic 471438 1   pic Vg+Ex- SOLD
  Singles Original Soundtrack LP
LP OST Joe Strummer        Walker UK 1987 Virgin V2497   pic Ex- Ex+ SOLD
  Walker OST by Joe Strummer        
LP OST     Goblin Suspiria UK 1977 EMI EMC 3222   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
  OST Goblin - Suspiria LP
LP OST   V / A  The Tomorrow People   Original Television Music EU 2006 Trunk JBHO17LP   pic Ex/M- SOLD
  The Tomorrow People Original Television Music  OST LP
2LP  OST   V / A  Trainspotting
             (Music From The Motion Picture)     Ltd# 0711
UK 1996 EMI EMC 3739   pic Vg+Vg+ SOLD
  Trainspotting Ltd double LP
LP OST Music from Twisted Nerve
       Et Les Bicyclettes De Belsize
UK 1969 Polydor 583 728   pic Ex-/Ex- SOLD
  Music from Twisted Nerve - Et Les Bicyclettes De Belsize LP
LP UFO Original Television Series Soundtrack / Barry Gray    Ltd# 500 Clear Vinyl UK 2005 Trunk JBH 010LP   pic Ex-Ex+ SOLD
  UFO Original Television Series Soundtrack / Barry Gray LP
LP OST Michael Nyman
             A Zed & Two Noughts - Peter Greenaway
UK 1985 Ter TER 1106   pic Ex-Ex+ SOLD
  Michael Nyman - A Zed & Two Noughts OST LP